It all started in the year 1992, when Three friends just out of college, were discussing over some drinks and out of nowhere a statement was made – “We should start an English Pub in Hyderabad”. Who would have thought that this statement would change their lives forever, resulting in the creation of one of the most popular chain of pubs in India.

Inspired thoroughly by the chit-chat they had with their close friends, one architect and an interior designer (Siraj and Renu), they went ahead with the thought and started the design work for their dream project, first of which was located at a building called “Swapnalok” in Secunderabad.

T.N Mohan Ram Reddy, G. Vinodh Reddy and E. Prahlad Rao took a leap forward and started 10 Downing Street, the English Pub! They knew that people would soon yearn for a break from their fast-paced routines and would like to chill out at a comfortable place.

The first outlet was in Secunderabad and we have been the pillar of all parties ever since. Our clients are loyal, and we also boast new walk-ins who visit us frequently and shower us with love and support. We are one of the top party destinations today and have been consistent since we started this party heaven.