Our unique take on the food is inspired by different culinary heritages. We have embraced foodie trends with open arms and created our menu; from Indian continental and Chinese, we’ve got an endless list that is highly appreciated by our guests.


Inspired by the residence of the Prime Minister of Britain, we are a chain to reckon with. The rich wooden interiors, leather finish, along a classic bar with high stools do not fail to impress you more.


Our promise is to keep our customers in high spirits. We have been doing so from the past 30 years and are the only so called ‘British’ pub in India. Our bartenders are experienced to make the most amazing cocktails that are the par with the best in the industry.


Our popular theme nights and line up of national and international DJs cover all the popular genre from EDM, HipHop, House, Techno, Rock, Pop, Disco to Bollywood, Punjabi, Dhol, and Desi.


Our service is unparalleled and we give the best customer experience. Our staff is pleasant and approachable, and they have been trained by the best in the industry.

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