The first outlet was located at a building called “Swapnalok” in Secunderabad, and it gave the people of Telangana a new definition of enjoyment and entertainment. 10D has been the pillar of all parties in the city ever since.

The love and support of 10D customers, both old and new, has been phenomenal in the growth of the brand and it has become a top party destination today. It is an ideal place to enjoy the nightlife in an old-fashioned way with a distinct desi vibe. Today,10D even brews their Beer at 10D Brew House and have a Banquet for parties in Hyderabad.

10D has been keeping the nation in high spirits ever since and the culinary legacy of the place has made it even more popular for the afternoon ‘Pub Lunch’ and the aperitifs to go with drinks. It is indeed true when we say that India Parties at 10D.